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ipv6 ready


This is a site for all the crap that I don't want, can't be bothered or otherwise doesn't fit on any of my other websites. Mostly Linux scripts and stuff.

It's here as a reference point only, mainly because the ArchLinux AUR insists that PKGBUILDs have a valid URL when you upload them. I figured I should provide some form of 'proper' documentation for my scripts that I've uploaded rather than using a spoofed address.

GIT d- s-:- a-- C++$ UL++++$ P+ L+++ !E W+++ N o?
K- w--@ O-- M- V? PS+ PE Y+ PGP t- 5? X- R- tv(+)
b+ DI+ D+ G-- e- h r- z++

IPv6 Certification Badge for fukawi2

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